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Trimex Elite Wall Saw Blade


DQ 600-1200mmØ Wall Saw Blade with 60mmØ centre bore and 1000 spec diamond segments for reinforced Concrete.

Professional Positioned Diamond Reinforced Concrete Wall Saw Blade for 15-25KW Wall Saws.

Trimex Elite Diamond Wall Saw Blade: Leading-edge for the Cutting-edge.

Diaquip Trimex – Proven to cut faster, last longer and have a more consistent cut than the world’s leading diamond blade brands.

Trimex Elite is an innovative, high specification Diamond Blade that has been described as a ‘game changer’ in diamond blade technology by floor and wall saw operators who demand better speed, life and reliability.

  • Leading-edge Speed with up to 20% More Speed on Floor and Wall Blades than any other diamond blade competitors^
  • Leading-edge Lifespan with up to 50% More cutting life on Floor saw and wall saw  blades than the next most popular brand^
  • Leading-edge Design  with better side clearance and segment positioning for reduced friction and improved consistency of cut, whilst the countersunk fixing holes are positioned on wall saw blades to suit all major sawing machines such as Hilti, Pentruder and Hydrostress.
  • Leading-edge Innovation compared to other blade products – Trimex Elite is the latest Diaquip product that has been developed using a totally new methodology, called Fusion Tech™.  This gives Trimex Elite a trailblazing advantage in speed, life and cost of ownership versus other diamond blades.  With a comprehensive range of specifications that can be used effectively for all applications and aggregates – including extremely high reinforced concrete with heavy rebar.

^ Based on several controlled concrete cutting trials carried out in the past 3 months versus other market leading diamond blades.

“The best; made better.”

We have further improved the Trimex Blade to develop Trimex Elite –  with Fusion Tech™

The R&D Team at Diaquip have applied the same innovative methodology that made our DQ5 Diamond wire a market leading product in its field to our Trimex Diamond Blade – to make the best better.

Fusion Tech™ is a development methodology which is unique to Diaquip products – and is a breakthrough innovation in the Diamond Blade industry.  View the Trimex Video:

So What Else is Different?


  • 20% Better Speed of Cut and 50% Additional Life on both the Wall Saw and Floor Saw Diamond Blades (Meaning much less time on the job, improved profit and Cost of Ownership)
  • Improved Side Clearance (reduced blade friction improves performance and saves time)
  • Wide range of diamond blades, developed and designed for a range of aggregates and applications (to ensure you get absolute maximum performance and efficiency, as well as consistency of cut time-after-time)
  • Improved Positioned Diamond and Blade Structure Strength (better speed, life and consistency)
  • Most Specifications also work universally to ensure a satisfactory performance over a comprehensive range of aggregates  (which reduces contractor stockholding if this is the preference)
  • Floor saw blades feature extra strength laser welded segments for increased reliability and life- even on projects with challenging rebar situations


  • Fast Next Day and Same Day Delivery Options (subject to location) with Great Stock availability,
  • Dedicated Account Manager and Technical Application Advice
  • Credit facility (subject to creditworthiness)
  • Order online 24/7/365

Trimex Elite: Leading-edge for the Cutting-edge.

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Trimex Elite Blade Specification Comparison Chart

Trimex Elite Blade Specification Comparison Chart

Trimex Diamond Blades: Seeing is Believing

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Diameter (mm)

600mmØ, 750mmØ, 800mmØ, 900mmØ, 1000mmØ, 1200mmØ



Width (mm)




Bore Size (mm)


Connection Detail

Single Bore Hole with twin set Flush Cut Holes




Reinforced Concrete – All Aggregates

Spec/Model Number


Trimex Blades Comparison Chart

Trimex Blades Comparison Chart