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K Wet Crown Coredrill

K Crown NEW

DQ Wet Crown Coredrill with a working length of 200-2000mm, ½inchBSP male connection and made with a K Range Diamond Crown.

The Diaquip K Range is a premium range of coredrills which boasts a very universal crown, able to be used a wide variety of concrete aggregates and natural stone to demanding circumstances with large amounts of reinforcement.

Need Help in Choosing your wet or dry Coredrill?

Feel free to use Diaquip’s online Core Drill Configurator or call our Technical Sales Helpline (7.30am to 10.00pm Monday to Friday) – 0333 010 1995 (or click here to request a call back).

Did you know?

With over 10,000 Barrels in stock, Diaquip Manufacture Coredrills to your exact requirements and specifications.  As the UK’s leading Coredrill Manufacturers, and one of the World’s biggest exporters of Diamond Coredrills, you can be assured that Diaquip rigorously test all our the coredrills that we manufacture to ensure the best results, performance and quality at all times.





Spec/Model Number

K Range

Diameter (mm)

12mmØ, 14mmØ, 16mmØ, 18mmØ, 20mmØ, 22mmØ, 24mmØ, 25mmØ, 26mmØ, 28mmØ, 30mmØ, 32mmØ, 35mmØ, 38mmØ, 40mmØ, 42mmØ, 45mmØ, 50mmØ

Length (mm)

200mm, 320mm, 500mm, 1000mm, 2000mm

Connection Detail


Connection Type





Universal Cutting

Diaquip K Crown Specification Sheet

Diaquip K Crown Specification Sheet

Code WC2/K


Can't find the size you are looking for?
You can request your custom length Wet Coredrills but first select the best length from the guide below (please add your required length to length input box under the drop down options):
Wet Crown Coredrills (WC2)
Working Length requiredWorking Length to be selected
100 - 320mm320mm
320mm - 500mm500mm
500 - 1000mm1000mm
1000 - 2000mm2000mm
Wet Coredrills (WC4)
Working Length requiredWorking Length to be selected
100 - 450mm (44-200Ø)450mm
100 - 500mm (200-900Ø)500mm
400/500 - 1000mm1000mm
1000 - 2000mm2000mm

Custom length

Choose your custom length, please refer to the “Can’t find the size you are looking for?” guide for which to purchase.