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Hycon HPP18E Flex Power Pack




  • Electric
  • 13,2 kW 25A (depending on flow setting) / 3x400V/480V 50 Hz/60Hz
  • Oil flow lpm 1×20-30-40-(46*)

*) Only for sale outside EU

HYCON HPP18E FLEX is equipped with a 13,2 kW (18 hp) motor, and the flow can be set to 20 – 30 – 40 – 46 lpm which make it the perfect power pack for professional and specialised companies within concrete cutting and coring.

On electric power packs of other brands, the oil flow adjusts by means of valves, and in this case the oil often overheats from insufficient cooling.

  • Item no. HPP18E FLEX 2020411
  • Oil Flow, l.p.m 20, 30, 40, 46
  • Oil Flow EU, l.p.m 20, 30, 40
  • Working Pressure nominal, bar 120
  • Pressure relief valve, bar 160
  • Pump 14cc gear pump
  • Electrical Motor 13,2 kW, 3×400 V / 13.2 kW 3x480V
  • Protection class IP 55
  • Guaranteed sound power level, LWA dB at 40 l.p.m. 98
  • Sound pressure level 1m, LPA dB at 40 l.p.m. 86
  • Dimensions (LxWxH), mm 805x625x704
  • Dry weight, kg 135

The power pack is mounted with a pressure relief valve to avoid a too high pressure. Furthermore, the very efficient air cooling protects the power pack from overheating. The frequency converter incorporates a phase inverter, which ensures correct motor rotation.



Higher efficiency, robust design and low weight!

The hydraulic HYCON HPP-powerpacks are the power source of the HYCON hydraulic system.

The series of powerpacks complies with any demand on an efficient power source – irrespective of the size, the nature and the difficulty of the jobs The HPP-powerpacks are characterised by a simple and sturdy modular construction with few wearing parts and an easily accessible and user-friendly design. The individual components of the powerpacks have been carefully selected after thorough tests on the HYCON testing facilities, and the entire HPP-series has a unique quality and therefore a high reliability.

No instructions are required for the very simple operation of the powerpacks – this is one of the features that make this solution very suitable for the rental business. The HYCON hydraulic system ensures flexibility, more power, and a fuel consumption much lower than that of a compressor..!