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DQ Wet Coredrill


The DQ Raw Core is laser welded in the UK by our fully automated, 3 axis, CNC controlled, coredrill laser welding manufacturing machine, this ensures zero segment loss, quicker despatch and a consistently high performing coredrill.

This truly is the flagship segment in Diaquip’s market leading coredrill portfolio which has been developed utilising the renowned FusionTechTM manufacturing technology, a secret formula which has gained the confidence of the most demanding professionals in the industry. Part of the FusionTechTM manufacturing process includes an unparalleled type of synthetic diamond in a completely unique form of array never used before in coredrill manufacturing. The very first DQ branded segment is set to smash records for speed and life, after 20 years of research, development and fine-tuning to produce the best of the best. The DQ segment is specifically manufactured to be very fast cutting on a very wide variety of aggregates and has been thoroughly tested in London flint with unrivalled results.



Spec/Model Number


Diameter (mm)

52mmØ, 57mmØ, 62mmØ, 67mmØ, 72mmØ, 77mmØ, 82mmØ, 87mmØ, 92mmØ, 102mmØ, 107mmØ, 112mmØ, 117mmØ, 122mmØ, 127mmØ, 132mmØ, 142mmØ, 152mmØ, 162mmØ, 172mmØ, 177mmØ, 182mmØ, 192mmØ, 200mmØ, 212mmØ, 225mmØ, 250mmØ, 275mmØ, 300mmØ, 325mmØ, 350mmØ, 375mmØ, 400mmØ, 450mmØ, 500mmØ, 550mmØ, 600mmØ, 650mmØ, 700mmØ, 750mmØ, 800mmØ, 850mmØ, 900mmØ

Length (mm)

450mm, 500mm, 600mm, 1000mm, 2000mm

Connection Detail


Connection Type

1¼inch UNC




Universal Cutting

Code WC4/DQ


Can't find the size you are looking for?
You can request your custom length Wet Coredrills but first select the best length from the guide below (please add your required length to length input box under the drop down options):
Wet Crown Coredrills (WC2)
Working Length requiredWorking Length to be selected
100 - 320mm320mm
320mm - 500mm500mm
500 - 1000mm1000mm
1000 - 2000mm2000mm
Wet Coredrills (WC4)
Working Length requiredWorking Length to be selected
100 - 450mm (44-200Ø)450mm
100 - 500mm (200-900Ø)500mm
400/500 - 1000mm1000mm
1000 - 2000mm2000mm

Custom length

Choose your custom length, please refer to the “Can’t find the size you are looking for?” guide for which to purchase.