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Diaquip QHS-450 High Frequency Handsaw

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The QHS-450 is an extremely efficient high-frequency hand held saw for cutting through concrete, masonry, stone & steel reinforcements. The QHS-450 comes packed with a 6500W motor along with flush cutting capabilities and detachable guide roller wheels at the back to ensure you cut true every time. Amongst other features, this 450mmØ hand held saw has a chainsaw style handle, large anti block water misting jets, and detachable guide rollers which ensures optimal user control. The motor is also fitted with an innovative IPM system which manages the volume of power entering the motor depending on the circumstances in hand.



Blade/Depth of Cut:


Motor Type


Linear Speed

67 m/s

Overload protection LED indication


Side Gap to Wall

30mm / 0mm with Flush Cutting Flange

Blade Tension Adjustment


Dimension (LxWxH)

810mm x 260mm x 310mm



Code HSC/415/E/QHS-450


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