Our Products

Diaquip are proud to offer world-class, quality products with more speed, more life and less cost to professional drilling contractors, sawing contractors, operators and tradesmen.  We have spent over 20 years developing and perfecting our range of products with professionals for professionals.

Diaquip’s products are backed up, by a knowledgeable team of experts, who are always on hand to provide offering advice, service and support.

Our Products Include:

Diamond Core drills

As the leading manufacturer of Core Drills in the UK, we have the ability to supply and retip core drills from 6mm∅ up to 1500mm∅ in lengths up to 3000mm (3 metres).  All of Diaquip’s Core drill range are rigorously tested for results and performance.

This constantly replenished stock, along with our range of over 20 segment types allows us to supply specialist size core drills to your required specification and reliably delivered same day or next day – depending on your deadline requirements.

Core drill Range

Diaquip K Core drill

The Diaquip K Range is a premium range of Core drills which boasts a very universal segment, able to be used across a wide variety of concrete aggregates and natural stone to demanding circumstances with large amounts of reinforcement.

There are 3 specifications within this range; K50, K60 & K70

Diaquip Z Core drill Range

This range is widely known for its outstanding speed and universality around the UK in reinforced concrete. With its turbo slots, rooftop design and the addition of a twisted effect on the ZPro segment, you can always rely on the Z range Core drills to deliver.

There are 2 specifications within this range; Z1 & ZPro

Diaquip Aero Core drill Range

With outstanding results worldwide, the Aero range is well proven to deliver on speed and universality. Their low friction golf ball design means that there is greater water coverage at the cutting edge because slurry is cleared out faster – ensuring that it delivers success to your job every time.

There are 4 main specifications within this range; Aero F, Aero S, Aero FW & Aero FW Max

Diaquip Crown Core drills

Diaquip boasts 3 crown Core drill specifications which relate directly to our range of segmented Core drills. Each with their own strengths and benefits we always have something which suits your job, whether it be speed or life.

There are 3 Crown Core drill specifications; K Crown, Z Crown & Aero Crown.

Core drill Accessories

Including a comprehensive range of core drill accessories such as Extensions, Adapters and Fixings.

Need Help in Choosing your wet or dry Coredrill?

Feel free to use Diaquip’s online Core Drill Configurator or call our Technical Sales Helpline (7.30am to 10.00pm Monday to Friday) – 0333 010 1995 (or click here to request a call back).

Diamond Wire

From world leading steel cutting brazed Diamond Wires for the demanding offshore oil platform and nuclear plant decommissioning industries to a superior range of concrete cutting sintered Diamond Wires for all types of concrete and reinforced concrete, Diaquip can immediately despatch 100’s of metres of Diamond Wire in specialist types from stock.

DQ5 Concrete Diamond Wire with Fusion Tech™ Technology

Proven to cut faster and last longer than the world’s leading brand, the Diaquip DQ5 is an innovative, high specification Diamond Cutting Wire that has been described as a ‘quantum leap’ in wire sawing technology by industry professionals.

Made from extremely high quality, multi-stranded wire, with the highest grade green rubber coating  to match long bead life; the DQ5 is an innovative vision of the future with its unique new bond and diamond structure design, developed with leading concrete cutting professionals to deliver exceptional results at the cutting edge.

Aero Pro Sintered Diamond Wire

Long life, free-cutting sintered Diamond Wire, universal for use on most aggregates and standard reinforcing levels.  A longstanding product with success worldwide.

M1530 Multi-Layer Brazed Steel Diamond Wire

A top performing, professional diamond wire used for very challenging and extreme cutting circumstances. Manufactured using the special vacuum brazed multi-layer bead process which is the latest technology available, and with 53bpm this wire is proven to be ideal for very demanding cuts in the offshore/nuclear steel decommissioning industry.

Bead; 10.2mmØ //53bpm. This is also available in 48bpm (M1480), 44bpm (M1440) and 40bpm (M1400)

M1400 Multi-Layer Brazed Concrete Diamond Wire

Manufactured using a vacuum brazed process, the bead, along with the top quality wire structure means this wire performs with a good balance of speed and life in concrete and particularly comes into its own when cutting extremely high levels of reinforcing e.g. 20% plus.

Bead; 10.2mmØ // 40bpm

M1480-8.8 Multi-Layer Brazed Steel Diamond Wire

A Professional ‘finishing’ brazed wire to be used when needing to complete a cut with a smaller diameter wire. This wire is made with the same vacuum brazed process as M1530 and M1400 so is a great follow through option for these wires. Bead; 8.8mm // 48bpm

Diamond Blades

Along with Diamond Blades stocked in 4 standard specifications and 8 special types up to 1200mm∅, Diaquip is almost unique is being able to offer large bespoke blade manufacturing services from one of the only fully-auto brazing machines in the UK.  Diaquip manufacture and re-tip baldes up to 2200mm∅, offering a service which is way above the average.

Our range includes the Trimex, MatrixAero, Contix and Handsaw Diamond Blades.

Trimex Elite Floorsaw & Wallsaw Diamond Blades

Diaquip’s Trimex Elite diamond wallsaw blades have laser welded segments, with a unique 3-Dimensional positioned diamond which delivers on speed, longer life, maximised performance and consistency of cut due to the constant presence of sharp diamond on the surface of the segment.

There are 4 Trimex Elite floorsaw Specifications; Trimex 1010, Trimex 1020, Trimex 1030 and Trimex 1040, and 1 universal wallsaw specification; Trimex 1000, all of which are available in sizes between 600mmØ and 1200mmØ

If you are looking for the ultimate in wall saw or floor saw blade performance, this is the range for you!

Matrix Diamond Wallsaw and Floor Saw Blade Range

Diaquip’s Matrix floorsaw and wallsaw blades have unique positioned diamond segments. The ‘honeycomb’ effect of the diamond ensures there is a constant presence of diamond on the surface, which increases both speed and life. Manufactured in-house we have the ability to produce, and re-tip, Floorsaw blades up to 1500mmØ, and wallsaw blades up to 2200mmØ. This flexibility ensures we offer you service that is above and beyond your expectations.

There is 1 universal Floorsaw blade specification; FM90, and 1 Wallsaw blade specification; WM70

Concrete Cutting and Drilling Machinery

On the best Diamond Drilling Motors and Machinery from Diaquip have the power, performance and reliability that are demanded from the drilling professional.  Diaquip provide a powerful and robust range of machinery which have been made through our rigorous R&D process over the last 3 years.  Designed and developed specifically for the professional heavy user in the concrete cutting and drilling market, our comprehensive range offers everything from a 14” electric handsaw with extremely effective dust extraction to drill motors with 150mm∅ and 350mm∅ capacity to vac pumps, slurry collection rings and drill rigs.

Diaquip DQ Machinery Range

QDM-150W Elite

The QDM-150 Elite Machinery range is Made for More; made to be faster, more powerful…and more reliable than the world’s best selling drill motor.

The QDM-150 is a powerful hand-held or rig-mounted professional diamond core drill motor, to be used with cores up to 160mmØ. With a 2Kw motor it ensures strength and its well thought out design provides easy functionality for the user, available in both 110V and 230V versions.

Made from a premium all-metal casing, designed for durability and cooling in extreme situations,  the QDM-150 Elite has been developed by diamond drilling professionals to provide the ultimate performance in diamond drilling motors and rigs – with an unrivalled after sales service to match.   DQ Machinery is built to give you more, much more:

  • More Power with 10% more input to output ratio than the market leading drill motor.^
  • More Speed with 20% faster diamond core drilling than the professional trades’ most popular drill motor.^
  • More Reliability and after sales service with Diaquip’s Max Uptime™ service level backed up by 2 years warranty, and a lifetime ownership guarantee for next day replacement loan drill and 48 hour service turnaround.
  • More Innovation than other diamond drilling motors due to an array of cutting edge features such as the unique Intelligent Power Management System (IPM).
  • More Value by offering the best lifetime cost of ownership than any other professional drill motor and in many cases more affordable to purchase with Diaquip’s Trade Up™ Scheme.


A Powerful wet/dry convertible, professional, hand held or rig-mounted diamond core drill motor. This 2Kw motor has been designed with a focus on robustness and strength as well as having all of the benefits and functionality of the QDM-150W Elite.

Available in both 110V and 230V


A Powerful, rig-mounted, professional diamond core drill motor, to be used with cores up to 350mmØ. The 2.8Kw motor ensures strength and reliability in this class. Available in both 110V and 230V


An extremely efficient & powerful, professional hand held saw, for wet or dry cutting through various aggregates.* The motor is well balanced to ensure optimal control and usage for the user. An efficient dust extraction ski is available as an accessory for this product. Available in both 110V and 230V.

*The QHS350 is innovatively designed to unusually use water dust suppression with an electric machine designed to strict safety standards.


Purposely built for those ‘no bolt down’ situations the DQ Vac Pump offers a very stable and robust solution with smart design features and a max vacuum of -0.9 bar for use with ‘vac down’ base type drillstands.

Available in 110V & 230V

Diaquip sell to countries across the globe and across sectors as diverse as:

  • Drilling Contractors (Ground and Underwater contractors)
  • Decommissioning (Oil, Gas, Nuclear)
  • Controlled Demolition
  • Infrastructure & Rail Contractors
  • Geotechnical
  • Civil Engineers
  • Utilities companies (Gas, Electricity, Water, Telephones/Broadband)
  • Hire Shops
  • Trade Sector (Gas Fitters, Electricians, HVAC, Plumbers)
  • Structural Engineers
  • Fire Stopping / Fire Protection Companies
  • Propping and Scaffolding Erectors
  • Concrete repair companies
  • Chemical anchoring services
  • Staircase and balustrade installation companies

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