QDM-150D Elite and Pro-Packs – Special Offer!

QDM-150D Elite with Pro-Pack Developed for the Professional.

Introducing the Diaquip QDM-150D Elite Pro-Pack

(Designed Especially for the Trades person)

“Developed with the Professional, by the Professionals for the Professional.” Is the maxim that Diaquip’s R&D Team towards when tasked with developing a core drilling kits that was reliable, robust, fast, simple to use and offered excellent cost of ownership value.

Diaquip are proud to announce that we have built THE Professional Trade Diamond Drill Kit featuring the QDM-150D Elite and the Complete Dry Core drill set with trades people in mind.  Job Done.

Diaquip have worked with and for trade professionals for more than 20 years, listening to their requirements and developing the best solutions based on their trade’s individual use, needs and application.

As a result we have developed the Pro-Pack; the ultimate professional trade range of diamond dry core drill sets, made specifically for the Plumbing, HVAC and Building trades. Featuring a powerful QDM-150D Elite Handheld Core Drill Motor and a choice of 3 or 5 premium dry core drills, including an additional 5-piece accessories set; all in the correct, most used sizes for the each trade’s  job in hand, which are backed by our lifetime ‘no segment loss’ guarantee.^   Apart from the simplicity, the trade sector loves the Pro-Pack because it…

  • Packs Power with 20% more power than the market leading drill motor.
  • Packs Speed with 20% faster drilling than the professional trades’ most popular drill motor.
  • Packs Reliability and after sales service with Diaquip’s Max Uptime™ service level backed up by 2 years warranty, and a lifetime ownership guarantee for next day replacement loan drill and 48 hour service turnaround.
  • Packs Features such as the unique Intelligent Power Management System (IPM), Clever Ergonomics, Tough Carry Case and Concise Core Packs tailored to your trade – making life simple.
  • Packs Quality unbeatable lifetime cost of ownership than any other professional drill motor more affordable to purchase with Diaquip’s Trade Up™ Scheme and lifetime ‘no segment loss’.

Gerry Ansbro, Diaquip’s Service Manager with over 30 years core drilling experience added his thoughts, “The QDM-150D Elite Core Drill and Pro-Pack are very solidly build, premium core drilling products designed with trade professionals.  They are not to be confused with cheap imported products, because Diaquip only manufacture using high grade, quality materials and components, designed to withstand tough situations and long working lifespans.  We are so confident with the QDM-150D, we doubled the Warranty from 1 year to 2 years, and in addition offered a ‘no segment loss’ guarantee on the core drill bits included in the Pro-Pack kits.  Its the perfect core drill kit for the professional trades person without exception.”

Don’t just take our word for it.  Here is a view from one of the 3,500 Members of the Go-To Gas, Plumbers and Heating Engineers Social Media Group ‘Gas Chat’:

“Signature have built a great relationship with Diaquip.  Their team are friendly, helpful and responsive.  We use the QDM-150D and the Pro-Pack dry Core Drills because they do a great job, simple to use, and are much more powerful and reliable than the other diamond coredrill products on the market. We love it!!”    Taz Rafiq – Signature Construction Developments Limited.

View the QDM-150D Elite Core Drill in Action

Special Offer

Contact us today to claim your FREE Professional Standard Fireworks Box Sets worth up to £99 with a combined QDM-150D Elite Motor with 5 Core Pro-Pack Order.

Diaquip QDM-150D Elite and Pro-Packs Special Offer

Diaquip QDM-150D and Pro-Packs Special Offer

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Pro-Pack Sizes

Plumber Pro-Pack (x3 slotted dry coredrill and x5 slotted dry coredrill kits at various diameters) both in 150mm and 300mm lengths:
Pro-Pack Plumber 3 Core = 38/52/117mm Ø

Pro-Pack Plumber  5 Core = 38/52/65/117/127mm Ø

HVAC Pro-Pack (x3 coredrill and x5 coredrill kits at various diameters) both in 150mm and 300mm lengths:
Pro-Pack HVAC 3 Core = 52/117/152mm Ø

Pro-Pack HVAC 5 Core = 38/52/65/117/152mm Ø

Builder Pro-Pack  (x3 coredrill and x5 coredrill kits at various diameters) both in 150mm and 300mm lengths:
Pro-Pack Builder 3 Core = 52/117/152mm Ø

Pro-Pack Builder 5 Core = 32/52/78/117/152 Ø



1 During Comparative tests with another market leading drill motor based on the QDM-150’s IPM System’s capability to receive 20% increased power input versus the competitor drill motor.

2 During Comparative tests with another market leading drill motor based on drilling with the same specification and size coredrill (both new) in the same conditions on the same aggregate brickwork..


^No Segment Loss Guarantee applies to replacement of Diaquip Coredrills Sold with Pro-Packs and with a minimum of 2mm remaining segment.

*Subject to terms and conditions. Trade Up available for business owners and operators only.