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M1530 Brazed Diamond Wire, 10.2mmØ x 53BPM

Code WBZ/10.2/1000/M1530


Diaquip M1530 10.2mmØ Brazed Diamond Wire with 53 Beads Per Metre

M1530 is a proven, top professional diamond wire used for very challenging and extreme cutting circumstances. In addition to the increased number of beads (53 bpm), the special vacuum brazed bead manufacturing process is the latest technology available. This wire has exceptional performance, particularly on jobs such as nuclear and offshore oil rig decommissioning, and dry cutting applications. The rubber covered structure of the wire is specially designed to give the highest durability available in critical applications, and a dedicated compound can be specified for even greater performance where dry cutting is required.

Need Diamond Wire for Oil / Gas Decommissioning? Nuclear Decommissioning? Subsea or Offshore Decommissioning?

E-mail harvey@diaquip.co.uk or call 0161 4060609. Fast Delivery Worldwide of Diamond Wire, Any Type for any decommissioning project.

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Oil pipes, metal structures, shot concrete, I beams, concrete above 20% steel ratio

Diaquip M1530 Specification Sheet

Diaquip M1530 Specification Sheet


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