Old Handsaw? Trade Up Deal is Back! UNTIL 31st July

Diaquip Trade Up™ Offer

Due to to the continued massive demand for QHS-350 Hand Saws being purchased with our Trade Up Scheme, Diaquip are delighted to announce that we are re-launching the Trade Up offer until 31st July 2017.

Fed up of the fumes from your Noisy, Petrol Handsaw, with the dodgy pull cord? Do you have a, less powerful electric handsaw that is more ‘on the edge’, than ‘cutting-edge’?

Contact us today to claim £100 Trade Up™ Value for your old Handsaw – Any Age, Any Condition* When Purchasing a Diaquip QHS-350 Electric Hand Saw.

This is a genuine way to get £100 off your next QHS-350 Electric Hand Saw purchase.

Contact us today to claim up to £100 Trade Up™ Value for your old handsaw – Any Age, Any Condition*

E-mail: sales@diaquip.tdmuk.com or complete and send the Trade Up Contact Form below

Call: 0161 4060609

*Subject to terms and conditions. Trade Up available for business owners and operators only.

Clear Cut Control – About the QHS-350 Hand Saw

 “Intelligent, Powerful Handsaws, built to be better, safer and more reliable…the clear cut champion.”

 The QHS-350 has been developed; to be the fastest, most powerful and intelligent handsaw in its class, with reliability and exceptional service included as standard.

The Diaquip DQ Machinery range has been developed by concrete cutting and drilling product professionals to provide the ultimate performance in motors, consumables and accessories – with an unrivalled after sales service that makes us the clear cut champions.

  • Clear Cut Power with better application of power than other electric handsaws due to an array of progressive features such as the unique Intelligent Power Management System (IPM) that allows for better application of power from the motor.
  • Clear Cut Speed because your time is valuable, so the QHS-350 is designed to cut faster with an array of time-saving features such as an easy to release and lock blade button (even with gloves on), as well as a guard system that dramatically reduces jamming from dried slurry – so that you can get more done and make more money on each job.
  • Clear Cut Safety from the innovative dust ski that provides effective dust extraction for dry cutting (crucial for avoiding silicosis related health issues), low hand / arm vibration rating, down-cutting blade rotation and adjustable blade guard (to prevent flying debris reaching the operator) to the lower decibel levels (versus petrol and other electric handsaw machinery), Diaquip have thought of everything to ensure that every job is a safe one.
  • Clear Cut Reliability apart from high quality / reliability levels and the low maintenance requirements of the QHS-350, you also get the back up from Diaquip’s Exceptional Max Uptime™ service level that features a 1 year warranty, and a lifetime ownership guarantee for next day replacement loan handsaw and 48 hour service turnaround.
  • Clear Cut Control This hand held saw has well designed motor vent guarding, chainsaw style handles, and detachable guide rollers, ensuring optimal control and ease of use by the operator.

DQ Machinery:

“Clear Cut Control.”

The QHS-350 is an extremely efficient & powerful hand held saw for cutting through concrete, masonry, stone and steel reinforcement. This hand held saw has well designed motor vent guarding, chainsaw style handles, and detachable guide rollers, ensuring optimal control and usage for the user.

The DQ Machinery Range has been developed with leading concrete cutting and drilling professionals to deliver exceptional results with clear cut control.


Trade Up Offer for QHS-350

£100 off your QHS-350 Hand Saw

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