Diaquip Tips #3: Diamond Blade Care

Troubleshooting Guide for Diamond Wall and Floor Saw Blades

A. How to Deal with Loss of Tension / Blade Distortion

Good product selection, regular observation and maintenance are the keys to obtaining maximum life from wall and floor saw blades. The following notes should assist you to obtain the maximum life expectancy from blades and help keep within Health and Safety guidelines at all times.

Blades should be checked regularly for cracks, discolouration and signs of overheating or undercutting.  All these faults could lead to segment loss, after which it is unsafe to use the blade further.


Possible Causes

1.     Saw is not properly aligned.

2.     Blade/bond is too hard for the material being cut leading to excessive stress.

3.     Attempt is being made not to cut in a straight line.

4.     Material has slipped and caused blade to buckle.

5.     Fixing flanges are not of correct size, balanced or aligned.

6.     Diamond Blade not properly fitted to spindle.

7.      Excessive or uneven wear at blade circumference puts pressure on the core.

8.     Steel core overheating or not sufficiently water-cooled.

9.     Excessive speed/rpm being attempted.

10.   Pre-cut blade has not been used to prepare for deeper cuts.

11.    Blade damaged or dropped during transport or handling.

Corrective Measures

1.     Realign.

2.     Select correct blade.

3.     Ensure cutting is straight and blade at 180º to material being cut.

4.     Ensure that material to be cut is firm and stable.

5.     Ensure that flanges are of correct size, uniformly fitted and adequately (but not excessively) tightened.

6.     Ensure blade is fitted to spindle without excessive play or tightness.

7.      Check wear patterns regularly and replace/repair as necessary.

8.     Check cooling system and water distribution.

9.     Reduce speed.

10.   Use pre-cut blade whenever possible or appropriate.

11.    Check blades carefully before use. Replace/repair as necessary.

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